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Guest information

Our guest information

Our guest information

” Everything at a glance “

The Familly Beiser welcomes you to the Felsenhof and wishes you a nice and pleasant stay in our hotel.

Covid-19 regulation

Currently, valid regulations and rules for the guests, employees and all visitors of Hotel Felsenhof, Tannberg 182, A-6764 Lech – Austria concerning the Coronapandemic situation! (subject to changes in the meantime)


Arrivaltimes: 16.00 – 21.00 h on the arrival day, before the rooms have to be cleaned and

disinfected. After this the rooms have to be empty for at least 60 Min.


When you enter the hotel please use a mask that covers mouth and nose. Disinfect your hands with the disinfection lotion at the entrance (dispenser with touchfree handling). Keep a distance to other persons of a least 1 m. Leave all your luggage in the car until you have the roomkeys. Suitcases and equipment will only reduce spare space in the entrance and reception area!


Occasionally your temperature might be checked on arrival in the hotel with a Laserthermometer.


If you fell sick or have fever, have to cough please do not hesitate to stay at home. If you book on my homepage you will see at the end of your reservation procedure a proposal for a travel cancellation insurance that also covers the pandemic problem (usually the travel insurances do not cover this risk).

More, please find also on: or at the infolink:


Use of the Sauna with facilities cannot be guaranteed or is just possible with reservation for 1 – 3 rooms per day (or max. 4 persons who share a household). Maximum usage time per room or group (max. 4) would be 1 hour.

That means; you can book the sauna in the morning if vacant. After your reservation all other guests can book before you can book again fort hat day or within the week. If there should be no other reservations until 10.00 am for the day, you can book again.


In every floor you can find dispensers for the disinfection.


For the breakfast I do not expect that a buffet can be offered. The waiter/waitress will serve direct to your table.  Additional a little breakfast menu will be accessible via App or disinfected menu card and you just choose what you like. This will certainly take some time and therefore I ask for your patience.


Departures have to be finished at latest at 10.00 am at your departure day as the cleaning and disinfection take a lot of time and the rooms have to be empty for 60 minutes.


On your arrival you will have to sign an agreement that you will follow the advise of the staff and the management. This is also a Disclaimer of liability for the Hotel.


The Hotel Felsenhof, Tannberg 182, 6764 Lech am Arlberg – Austria and the owner or the management will not be responsible for any damages or problems caused by deseases or Accidents before, during or after your holidays in the Felsenhof!

Guest information

Here a short information for our guests:

  • Please do not leave any valuables unprotected in your hotel room like money, credit-cards, jewelry…precious things can be left in the hotel-safe in your room (free of charge). We don’t take any responsibility of any thefts that occur in your room.
  • Please avoid smoking in your room. Smoking in the restaurant is not allowed! Also electric-heaters, open fires or any other dangerous electric-machines are not permitted in the rooms.
  • Be aware that you are responsible for all damages caused by you or by your children. Please inform the reception about damages.
  • The roomkey opens the front door but not the door downstairs to the skiroom. If you are going out after 23.00 please make sure that you take your key with you. In case of getting locked out after 23.00 we will charge you EUR 5,00.
  • The breakfast will be served from 7.30 – 10.30 h in the morning. Drinks are offered until 21.00 h. With pleasure we will help you to book a table in a nice restaurant. Make sure that you let us know one day in advance where we should book a table for you.
  • Please avoid disturbing the other guests as they also want to spend a nice holiday in our hotel.
  • Do not bring any of your own drinks or food into the public (restaurants/Lounge) area or sauna. Also animals are not allowed in the hotel because of hygienic reasons.
  • Leave dirty hiking-boots, ski-boots and dirty street-boots downstairs in the shoeroom. Very wet clothes leave in the skiroom too so they can dry.
  • Bitte lassen Sie Ihre verschmutzten Straßen- bzw. Schischuhe im Schuhraum. Ebenso bitten wir Sie alle nassen Kleidungsstücke zum Trocknen dort zu lassen.
  • Die Skier bitte ausschließlich im Schiraum deponieren. Dieser wird ab 19:00 Uhr geschlossen.


Important time-table:

  • 07.30 – 10.30 breakfast
  • 16.00 – 20.00 public sauna for all hotel-guests, no changeroom for departure
  • 08.00 – 21.00
  • Check out by 10.00 am
  • If you are going to finish your holidays earlier please let us know at least one day in advance. Note that you always have to pay the booked arrangement.
  • If you would like to store empty suitcases during your stay please let know either the chamber maids or the reception.


We wish you a nice holiday at the FELSENHOF.


Dear Guest!

At the breakfastbuffet you can eat as much as you can! But do not take anything with you for the day!

Lunchpackages can be ordered one day in advance until 19.00 h for EURO 15.00 per package! (1 fruitjuice, Lemonade 0,5 l, 2 sandwiches with cheese and sausage, 1 peace of fruit, 1 little sweet) !

Restaurant list

Hotel Felsenhof recomends the  following Restaurants in Lech and surroundings:

  • Restaurant in theHotel Omesberg, Austrian style, good value for the price, many positive feedbacks. Tablereservation at Tel. 0043 5583 2212
  • Restaurant „Lecher Stube“ in the Hotel Gotthard, Austrian and international Kitchen, also very good feedback. Tablereservation at Tel. 0043 5583 356038
  • Restaurant in the Tavern Alphorn in Zug, typical Austrian „Wirtshaus“ with traditional dishes, very good value for the price, allways satisfied guest, Tel. 0043 5583 2750
  • Restaurant in the Hotel Hinterwies. Higher level of international Kitchen, changes a small Menu every  3 days, higher prices but very good and according tot he dishes standard. Tablereservations at Tel. 0043 5583 2531
  • Pizza and other Italian dishes in good quality at the Café Olympia, Tablereservation at Tel. 0043 5583 23115
  • Restaurant Alpenblick in Zug, traditional and typical for the region,  Karl Heinz Zimmermann offers faire Prices dishes with high quality. Tablereservation at 0043 5583 2755
  • Restaurant in the Hotel Hartenfels in Zug, inernational kitchen and local goodies (also very often fishdishes)  in fine surrounding. Tablereservation   Tel. 0043 5583 3581
  • Restaurant in the Hotel Ilga in Oberlech, traditional Kitchen, Fondues, Raclette and more. Tablereservation at 0043 5583 31210 and afterwards an spectacular tobagonrun to Lech.
  • Italian kitchen with Italian flair at „Don Enzo“ in the center of Lech, opposite the cablecar to Oberlech. Tablereservation at Tel. 0043 5583 2225
  • Restaurant in the Hotel Kristiania in Lech, just on the other side of the valley, you can see it from our entrance. It offers high quality dishes with exceptional ingredients and unusual making. Not cheap but worth every cent in the evening and very fair at the lunchtime with a little but special menu. Tablereservation at Tel. 0043 5583 25610
  • Restaurant s’Achtele in the Hotel Stäffeli in Zug, a Wine and dine place with an out-standing dishoffer. Not the cheapest but fair. There you also find all kinds of Austrian winespeciallities.  Tablereservation at Tel. 0043 5583 3937
  • Restaurant Ambrosius at the Rüfikopf-Valleystation in the center of Lech, traditional, Austrian cooking from 12.00 – 22.00 h. If you are hungry at unusual times just go there. From the Felsenhof it only 400 m away directly on the first stop of the blue Lechshuttle-bus. Tablereservation at Tel. 0043 5583 41930
  • Restaurant in the Hotel Kristberg at the place of the former Olympic winner Egon Zimmermann, high level of Austrian cuisine Fondues and local dishes in very nice surroundings. Tablereservation at Tel. 0043 5583 2488

Telephone prices


08.00 – 18.00   Impuls 1 – 4  EURO 0,18 danach EURO 0,15

08.00 – 18.00  EURO 0,19

18.00 – 08.00  EURO 0,22



Zone 1:


Be, Ne, Lux – Staaten



Farör Inseln

Frankreich, Italien, Schweiz, Spanien

Liechtenstein, Monaco

08.00 – 18.00 Uhr        EURO 1,60 pro Minute

18.00 – 08.00 Uhr        EURO 1,05


Zone 2:

Finnland                    Norwegen

Irland                         Spanien

Schweden                  Portugal

Griechenland             Großbritannien

08.00 – 18.00  Uhr        EURO 2,2

18.00 –  08.00  Uhr        EURO 1,5


Zone 3:

Israel                                 08.00 – 18.00 Uhr     EURO 3,90 pro Minute

Kanada                              18.00 – 08.00 Uhr     EURO 2,80 pro Minute



Zone 4:




08.00 – 18.00 Uhr  EURO 4,00

18.00 – 08.00 Uhr  EURO 3,00

TV/Radio Liste

01ORF 125N-TV
02ORF 226TVE-int.
03Arlberg TV27TV-5
06Bayern 330CNN
07SWF-331BBC One
09SRG 2339-live
103-Sat34TW 1
11SAT 135TV-4 Sverige
13RTL 237RTS-PTC Serbien
14Super RTL38CNBC
20Information Lech44Sky-Children/Discovery
24Arte48ORF- 2Tir.
01 OE-102 OE-203 OE-2 Tirol
04 OE-305 Blue Danube06 SWR-107 SWR-2
08 SWR-309 SWR-410 Radio-711 RT-4
12 Bayern-113 Bayern-214 Bayern-315 Bayer-4
16 Ant. Bayern17 DRS-R18 DRS-119 DRS-2
20 DRS-321 Dadio Melodie22 RadioMaria23 Radio Arabella
24 Antenne Tirol25 Antenne Vlb
01ORF 1
02ORF 2
03Arlberg TV
06Bayern 3
09SRG 2
11SAT 1
13RTL 2
14Super RTL
20Information Lech
31BBC One
34TW 1
35TV-4 Sverige
37RTS-PTC Serbien
48ORF- 2Tir.



01 OE-1

02 OE-203 OE-2 Tirol
04 OE-305 Blue Danube
06 SWR-107 SWR-2
08 SWR-309 SWR-4
10 Radio-711 RT-4
12 Bayern-113 Bayern-2
14 Bayern-315 Bayer-4
16 Ant. Bayern17 DRS-R
18 DRS-119 DRS-2

Lecher spring water

Dear Guest,
with these glasses we invite you to taste our Lech spring water, directly from the pipe in your bathroom you can drink this splendid natural water that has almost mineral water quality! Enjoy the water!

With best regards!

Beverage list

General standard terms and conditions

Cancellation policy:

The right of cancellation according to § 18, paragraph 1 line 10 FAGG does not apply! You can cancel free of charge up to 1 month before arrival.
30 to 15 days before arrival I charge 50 %, 14 – 8 days before arrival 70 % and within the last 7 days before arrival or cancellation before booked departure date 90 % of the booked value.

For further matters the terms and conditions of the hotel industry according to AGBH 2006 – Link:


 Reception number #37


Beverage service #76